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Netiquette - UniC Network

Best practices to follow on UniC Network exchange platforms

The following netiquette sets out rules for using all UniC platforms (Zoom, UniC Platform, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others). It aims to ensure quality exchanges between the group members, centered on respect and tolerance, and guided by the mission and objectives of UniC Network. By joining discussions , each member agrees to abide by the following netiquette:

We encourage

  • correct language in English or French
  • writing in lowercases
  • courtesy and mutual respect between users, similar to a face to face interaction

According to the established practice, comments must be made with respect for others while abiding by the rules of social media use.

We do not encourage

  • texting language
  • writing in capitals: on the Web, the use of capitals is equivalent to shouting and can be interpreted as aggression. A comment will be much more pleasant to read if it is written in lowercases
  • sending the same message multiple times. All your comments are read and considered, so there is no point in repeating them

We do not accept

  • comments or publications deemed irrelevant, defamatory, hateful, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, vulgar, inappropriate, abusive, offensive, disrespectful or unsightly
  • vulgar, obscene or malicious language
  • harassment and bullying in any form
  • copyright infringement
  • off-topic messages: the comments made must relate to studies and university life
  • advertising, in any form whatsoever. Advertising means trying to sell or promote a service or product, or to invite people to visit another site
  • sharing of hyperlinks to other sites, unless they respect netiquette and the content is deemed relevant. Note that we are not responsible for the content of suggested sites

Any such comments will be deleted without notice and the author will be denied access. We also reserve the right to modify the netiquette at any time without prior notice.

Note that the views expressed by users do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the UniC Network Team. We cannot be held responsible for comments or content posted by users and accept no liability that may arise from them.

Thank you for being part of our community and looking forward to discussing and sharing with you.

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