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Become a Member

Through their mobilization and their interest in sharing, learning, collaborating and acting together, members are the driving force of the UniC Network. 

To become a regular member

  • You must be studying at a university or any other institution of higher education
  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • You must be fluent in English or French

If you meet all these criteria, you can join the UniC Network as a regular member. Simply accept all the conditions found in the membership charter and properly complete the membership form.

  • You can share your experiences and questions with other members of the UniC community via its dedicated platform.
  • You can learn by participating in UniC activities, including conferences, workshops, training, etc.
  • You can collaborate on other members’ collective projects and initiatives.
  • You can act by proposing ideas through the UniC Network’s various calls for projects.

Get your initiatives off the ground and develop your leadership in climate action.

To become a leader member

  • Do you participate actively in the Network and has your involvement been noticed?
  • Do you want to be even more actively involved? Do you have the motivation and availability to do so?
  • Do you want to help develop the UniC Network and its governance?

Submit your application to become a leader member! Simply be a regular member for at least 6 months and complete the application process for leader member status during calls for applications launched during the year.

Watch for the next call for applications to become a leader member on the UniC platform.

  • Benefit from tailor-made activities, exclusive interviews with key figures in the fight against climate change, access to mentoring, etc.
  • Be eligible to participate in the UniC International Student Summit on Climate
  • Be able to actively contribute to UniC’s various committees, tables and governance
  • Participate in calls for projects reserved for leader members
  • Organize or facilitate an activity
  • Access to mobility, e-mobility or research internships

  • Update your UniC member status (eg change of contact details, home university)
  • Respect the UniC Network’s “netiquette”
  • Be diligent in your participation in your various committees and tables
  • Actively participate in activities and collaborate on various projects
  • Actively network with other Network members and help create links between them
  • Encourage university colleagues to join the Network and participate in its activities
  • Contribute to your local UniC group’s structuring and mobilization
  • Make a difference in the UniC community

UniC: A diversity of student voices

To properly address climate issues, the Network strives to attract a diversity of voices and perspectives, bringing together students from various backgrounds.

For this reason, the Network sets objectives for itself to ensure different communities are represented among its members.

In particular, UniC recognizes the richness of “indigenous, local and traditional knowledge systems and practices, including the holistic vision that indigenous peoples have of their communities and their environment” (IPCC, 2014) in the fight against climate change.