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The Network

UniC unites the climate action of university students through a unique international network.

What is the UniC Network?

The International Student Network on Climate – UniC is a community of practice in which university students from around the world meet to share, learn, collaborate and act together for the benefit of the climate cause.

Join us to grow the UniC community! 


Elevate your climate action

By becoming a member of UniC, you have access to four levers to advance your ideas and projects:

Get involved in concrete climate action projects

  • Get your initiative off the ground and develop your leadership
  • Responds to calls for projects, with funding opportunities exclusive to Network members
  • Open your horizons to other realities and to the community’s knowledge
  • Share your scientific expertise and grow UniC’s interdisciplinarity
  • Collaborate on community projects, both locally and internationally

Develop your skills and strengthen your power to act for the climate

  • Enjoy privileged access to international events organized by network partners
  • Participate in workshops to enrich your skills
  • Collaborate in activities and contribute your personal experience
  • Learn to face the challenges you’ll encounter during your commitment to the climate

Celebrate international student climate action with other network leaders

  • Showcase your leadership through Summit activities
  • Meet great leaders and key figures in international climate action
  • Participate in competitions that promote your initiatives
  • Strengthen your ties with climate leaders like you.
  • Deepen the issues that mobilize the UniC community
  • Act and contribute to the Network’s strategic orientations.


Join the international UniC community on the web

  • Discover all of UniC’s opportunities on a platform dedicated to members (add hyperlink to platform explanation)
  • Meet members from different countries and learn about their journeys
  • Participate in discussion forums, ask questions and share your experiences in climate action
  • Learn about different student climate initiatives around the world
  • Share your own initiatives with the UniC community

The strength of our community

We are university students from around the world committed to working together using our knowledge, experience and science to advance the climate cause.

  • Two languages of communication, English and French
  • More than 60 countries represented
  • Student initiatives on five continents
  • Nearly 20 strategic partners and universities
  • More than 10 international events per year
  • A biannual Summit which brings together more than 350 participants


Enrich your university experience

Through all of its initiatives, the UniC Network takes into account the five dimensions of the university experience:

  • Education
  • Research
  • Campus life
  • Student citizenship
  • Work/entrepreneurship

Take advantage of your student life and UniC’s strength to enrich your career and act on climate!