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The UniC Network invites you to participate in collective projects or activities that develop your leadership and skills in climate action.

The UniC Network invites you to take part in collective projects or activities that develop your leadership and climate action skills:

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Dimension(s) of university experience affected

Across all its initiatives, the UniC Network takes into account the five dimensions of the university experience:

  • teaching about the issues relating to climate change, multidisciplinary training, transmitting knowledge to younger people, academic program evolution, students’ vulnerability to climate change.

  • interdisciplinary research on the environment, prioritized areas of research, the role of researchers in political action, delivering research findings to decision makers, innovative solutions towards fighting climate change.

  • reduction and compensation of your campus’ greenhouse gas emissions, divestment from fossil fuels, mobilization of students and the role of associations, the use of new technologies by universities, managing means of transport for research purposes.

  • students’ involvement in decision-making forums, interaction with citizens, making scientific findings more readily intelligible and communication with the general public, ethical challenges of research and climate education.

  • integrating the workforce, development and marketing of new technologies by students, partnerships between businesses and universities, lifelong learning, work-study balance, and entrepreneurship for climate.

Make the most of your student life and the strength of the UniC Network to enhance your career and take action on climate change!

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