Université Laval would like to acknowledge the collaboration of numerous key partners whose precious support has made this major institutional initiative possible.


The Government of Québec, the Government of Canada, and the City of Québec are playing a vital role in the UniC Network. Together, they are providing approximately 65% of the budget. A young leaders initiative of this scale also requires funding from private partners, one of the objectives being to minimize costs for all participants. Please write to for information on sponsorship opportunities.


Université Laval also wishes to highlight the invaluable collaboration of students, professors, and -researchers in the planning and holding of the UniC Network. In addition, the University would like to acknowledge the role played by institutional collaborators who, through their commitment and expertise, are providing invaluable support in the management, promotion, and development of a rich and relevant event program.

Partnership opportunities

As an international, interdisciplinary, and socially inclusive platform, the UniC Network wishes to engage in strong and lasting partnerships with various key actors from the institutional sector (governments, universities, associations, international institutions) organizations and the private sector. Please contact for information on partnership and sponsorship opportunities.