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Call for projects UniC members | What impact do you have on your campus?


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Mar. 3
to 31, 2021

Call for projects | What impact do you have on your campus?

You stand out in your university community? You realised innovative actions for the climate on your campus? You like to express yourself in front of the camera? We want to know you and learn more about you and your achievements!

In the activities of the UniC Network, we desire to put forward striking climatic actions for the environment that were accomplished with success on the various University campuses around the world!

The current project invites you to produce a short video to present the different actions for the environment that are in place to improve your campus.

To participate, your video capsule shall respect the following criteria:

  • Present your project for the climate/the environment that you realised to enhance your University campus;
  • Have a run-time of 30 seconds to a minute;
  • Be ideally produced in front of a neutral background or in front of the campus of your university;
  • Offer a good visual and auditive quality (according to the material at your disposal);
  • Submit your clip to before 31 March 2021.

The selected projects will be presented to the general public on the 15 (English version) and on 16 (French version) next April at noon (UTC/GMT -5) as part of the open activity “Act for the climate on your campus “. These webinars will be an exchange zone for the members of UniC to present their achievements.

If you have questions or would like to obtain help for the production of your video clip, you can write to