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Winners of the first UniC Call for Collective Projects


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Team 1:
Country: Haiti
Project: Environment and Climate Change Education Project in Haiti
Team: Jacky Duvil, Insky Pierre-Louis, Katia Bazile

Team 2:
Country: Cameroon
Project: Project to raise awareness and strengthen the resilience of the populations of the locality of Maroua in the face of climate change
Team: Félicité Arindo, Dida Lontsi Sylvére Landry, Ange Talla Vanessa, Hamidou Baïbavou, Tsama Bruno Arindo

Team 3:
Country: Canada
Project: Climate, Health, Action! – Phase II of the mobilization campaign
Team: Magalie Bühlmann-Charette, Anouk Bérubé, Martin Roberge, Érika Philippon

Team 4:
Country: Haiti
Project: Revegetation of the Grand Collège de Saint Médard school
Team: Roodeney Barionette, Louventz Vermeus, Yourie Shelsie Jean Batard, Pierre Daphaël Pierristil

Team 5:
Country: Haiti
Project: Immediate-Water
Team: Jessy Alexander Becius, John-Peter Seveillard, James Wasley Fleurinor, Roodia Juste